The Designer – Anny Stern

The Designer

Anny Stern grew surrounded by the beauty and vast variety of semi precious stones and they always fascinated her with their wonderful colors and energy.
The first piece Anny remembers designing was when she was around eight years old. Her grandparents had a tremendous influence in this process. She still remembers that day, one of the many very special afternoons at her grandparent’s house; her grandmother looked at her and said: “see this crystal necklace and the pearls I have aside? I want you to take this necklace apart and redesign it, putting the pearls into it and creating a new piece.” Anny answered: “I do not know how to do it”, her grandma ignored her answer and said: “Yes you do, I know you do! Sit down and we will make it happen.”
The seed of ANNY STERN™ Fashion Jewelry was planted on that day and germinated in 2001 as a result of the fusion of a professional background in business and a gifted talent for jewelry design when, during a day of fun, Anny “magically” found herself at Saks Fifth Avenue at Worth Avenue in Palm Beach – Florida negotiating an event with the store jewelry manager who admired her necklace.
Whenever someone asks Anny Stern about how she got into the jewelry business, she has only one explanation to give. “IT’S A GIFT, everybody has a gift in life, and I call this a gift. I don’t have a lot of explanation, it just happens.”
And lest her creativity be compromised, she readily admits that business is part of her, too.  With her creative juices flowing and her business acumen, Anny Stern has built a viable, successful business career with her “gift.”

ANNY STERN™ Fashion Jewelry is these days showcased at prestigious locations and very high end boutiques (
Anny Stern creates every single piece as part of herself; she infuses them with feelings, personality, and good energy. She designs her pieces wishing that customers will enjoy wearing her jewelry as much as she enjoys making them.

The stones are chosen with love; Anny Stern can feel that the stones talk to her like they know what they want to be. This can sound a little strange but it is the way she creates her designs, she looks at the stones, and if they “connect” than she will move forward with the creation process…it is like a love relationship.
For this reason she definitely believes all pieces are infused with good vibes.
Anny personally thinks it is all about the details, so every piece is meticulously designed and examined paying attention to that. ANNY STERN™ jewelry is designed with semi precious stones and precious metals including sterling silver and 18k gold plated.
Quality is a must on every single piece she designs, Anny loves paying attention to details, the little things that make the final piece unique.